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As the whole world is experiencing the wider reach of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), special attention must be paid to developments in low income countries.  In observing roles of different stakeholders including international development professionals, the private sector, and ICT users, it is important to consider several implications.

Are new ICTs technologies accessible and adaptable for users in poor communities? How do ICT interventions improve quality of life, education, or democratization if at all?  While ICTs initiatives have complex and varied impacts on communities, we see this topic as incredibly important.  Technology has changed the world drastically, and those who want to build 21st century skills should learn to utilize it.  ICTs also completely redefine how we understand global interconnectedness, as well as our ability to organize, save and transmit information.  ICTs can and have changed our learning environments both in and outside of schools.

This blog began as an assignment for the course EDUC 611: Education, Globalization, and Development, taught by Dr. Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher at the University of Pennsylvania.  Our entries will attempt to employ theories of education, globalization, and development together to explain the situations under discussion.  Educational development therefore will be the overarching concern for all of our entries.

This blog focuses on the latest efforts for utilizing ICTs in education and development, with attention to initiatives reaching the bottom of the pyramid (BOP).  The BOP is a term which was used by Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad  (2006) in his book about ways to best provide goods and services for the poorest people in low-income countries,  emphasizing their size, strength and potential as consumers.

The blog is intended for anyone who is interested in the topic of ICTs worldwide.  We hope you actively take part in the ongoing discussion by providing your own insights on current developments in the field. We encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups to join us in this knowledge-making process.

As bloggers, we have paid particular attention to our process of writing and organization of the blog.  We collaborate and decide on a common topic democratically.  We each choose news articles on the topic from different mainstream and alternative media.  On our “Topics” section of the blog, you will see the listed themes and note that each of us has created a unique entry within that category!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are those of the ICT4BOP bloggers only.

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